Blogging Frequency vs. Work…

I was in one of those states the other day where I was coming down after a relatively long day of meeting with SharePoint partners, and I was enjoying the time before dinner with one of them, a friend from PTC (by the way, watch these guys – they are doing some cool stuff with SharePoint), when he commented that my blog was starting to dry up, and so he had figured that I had been pretty busy. 

He nailed me with the frequency of blog entry vs. time spent focusing on work, and it made me think how ironic it is that now I am in a marketing job, and my intent, arguably, is to speak to a LARGE NUMBER of people, and when I spend too much time in very small meetings, or with very few people, – when I think that I’m really working hard, I am actually only touching a few folks… 

Good, or bad?  Well, who’s to say, really.  (You guys, of course!) – I mean, some of both has to be done. 

Please feel free to tell me what you need more of and what you need less of.

See you online and perhaps anywhere else!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Frequency vs. Work…”

  1. Those of us that don’t get to see you very often, or hear what you’re up to (and why SharePoint is so amazing) would certainly like a higher volume of posts.


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