FASTForward’09 – Virtual Conference Attendance

I’m heading to Las Vegas next week for the FASTForward’09 Conference.  A lot is going to be happening there.  This is the annual conference for customers and partners for FAST technology. 

Microsoft is going to be announcing the upcoming product roadmap for the FAST technologies for the next few years. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know FAST technology partners that I haven’t yet met and to talk about how to integrate the great work that they’ve been doing in the FAST arena with the SharePoint ecosystem.  It should be a productive week.

However, the economy is affecting the travel plans of many customers and partners that would have liked to attend, but can’t afford the travel expenses.  Microsoft is offering the FASTForward’09 conference in a Virtual offering, so if you’d like to participate from your office, please feel free to learn more about this option at the registration site.

For more information about the FASTForward’09 agenda, conference speakers, and content, click here!

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