SharePoint Email Management webcast with Colligo

Colligo has signed up our friend Joel Oleson to join them on a webcast discussing Email Management with SharePoint.

You are invited to attend the November 20th webinar: "The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint." Join guest speaker Joel Oleson, a killer SharePoint Architect, as he dispels the myths and reveals the truths about email management in SharePoint!

5 Questions You Should Ask About Email & SharePoint:

  • Why Use SharePoint to Manage Email?
  • Are Public Folders Dead?
  • Will Managed Folders Solve Your Archiving Needs?
  • What Should You Know About SharePoint List Scalability?
  • How Should You Use & Control Email-Enabled Lists?

This will be held online (it is a webcast!) on Nov 20th, at 8AM PST.

Register Here!

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