Portland Great Urban Race

My wife and I had an amazing experience last Saturday.  We ran as a team in the Great Urban Race, in Portland, Oregon.  This is a variant of The Amazing Race that is run within city downtown areas around the country, and where no private transportation is allowed.  Your own legs and public transportation are allowed.

It was so much fun.  Kris and I ran as one team, and we ran with Kris’ brother and his wife.   Teams are encouraged to wear matching outfits – or costumes!

Each team is provided a copy of the clues and at the start time, each team hits their mobile devices or phones a friend on the Internet to solve the clues.  Kris and I each had a phone-a-friend at home on the Internet helping us.  (Thanks, Ben and Greg!) 

Then, after finding the answers to the clues, we mapped them out and decided how to tackle visiting each location.  The thing is, you have to visit each of the locations and take a picture of your team at the location, doing something fun, usually.  After taking the pictures, you race back to the finish line.


This race is run in 19 cities during the summer, and the top 25 qualifiers from each city get invited to run in the championship race.  We had a fun time and finished #24!  Woo-Hoo! 



Next year, we’ll be back!  You can see all the photos on my Space…

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