Enterprise Mashups on the SharePoint Platform

I had a customer ask me today about what SharePoint had in the way of Mashup support.  He had seen the new and cool IBM Mashup Center, and (had forgotten?) couldn’t remember how SharePoint would fit into this concept of mashup applications. 

I put together a quick list of resources (Thanks, Live Search!) about Enterprise Mashups and technologies available on the SharePoint platform. 

Popfly Mashup Creator

SharePoint Team Blog about Popfly

Enterprise Mashup Tool (aka PopFly for the Enterprise)

OBA Composition Toolkit.

Watch the OBA Composition Toolkit introduction video

Microsoft Enterprise Mashup page

SharePoint Addons and Mashups Strike it Big in Boston (report from the Enterprise 2.0 conference in June 2008)

Building enterprise mashup applications using Mainsoft SharePoint Federator and IBM WebSphere Portal

SharePoint: A Platform for Enterprise Mashups (White Paper)


An OBA Community site for the OBA Composition Toolkit…..

I met with the folks from Aivea a couple of weeks ago and got a quick demo of the OBA Community site that they have built.  You can view Aivea’s site dedicated to the OBA Composition Toolkit at (http://oct.aivea.com/pages/default.aspx).  They have an OBA community blog list at (http://oct.aivea.com/pages/Community.aspx).

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