Commerce Server at Tech Ed 2005

If you are going to Tech Ed 2005 this year (mmm… can I really attend Tech Ed 2005 any other year?) and if you are interested in Microsoft Commerce Server, you will have a treat ahead of you.  Some great sessions are planned and the wraps are coming off of the next version of Commerce Server. 

Tech-Ed 2005 Home Page

Breakout Sessions:

CSI231 – Commerce Server 2006 and Beyond: In-Depth Look (Ryan Donovan)

CSI 332 – Connected Commerce: ERP and Trading Partner Integration with CS2006 and BizTalk Server 2006 (Caesar Samsi)

CSI302 – Securely and Reliably Deploying Connected Commerce Infrastructure  (Max Akbar)

Hands-on Labs:

CSI05  Commerce Server 2006: Merchandizing and Marketing

CSI06  Commerce Server 2006: People and Process

CSI07  Commerce Server 2006: Connected Commerce

CSI08  Commerce Server 2006: Customization and Extensibility

CSI12  Commerce Server 2006: Upgrading to Commerce Server 2006

Partner Cabana Sessions:

Next Generation e-Commerce framework combining Commerce Server, BizTalk Server & MBS into one powerful e-commerce platform (Jean-Yves Martineau, Cactus)

Smart Catalog for Commerce Server (Richard Vosylius, Endeavor Commerce)

Alternate Interfaces for Commerce Server (Daniel Sanscartier, Nurun inc.)




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