Thin Client Tablet…

Wow.  When I read about Motion’s announcement of a thin client tablet PC, (thanks, PimpTighl), I thought about all of the great scenarios where tablets could be commodities.  I admit that I am not the expert on the Tablet PC space.  As much as I would like one, and am trying to get my hands on one, I don’t follow Tablet PC hardware makers and current releases as closely as some.  So, perhaps this has already happened…  However, I did use to work in the Hand Held Radio Frequency Bar Code Reader industry, (writing software for these RF devices that would be mounted on forklifts, or warehouse people would carry around, etc.)  — Do you remember bar codes?  Yep – RFID’s Grandpappy…  Anywho, Now every warehouse worker or Target/KMart-Sears employee walking around on the shop floor can have a tablet on their hip instead of a bar code reader…  A Nordstrom’s Personal Shopper could do wonders with designing a wardrobe for you while you are eating strawberries, or whatever it is they do at Nordstroms…  And my personal favorite – an automobile salesperson could help a shopper browse inventory and secure financing while walking around the car lot.  All we need is for thin client tablets to become commodities and for the price to drop a bit more.  The technology is here.  All we need is the manufacturing and the vision from some developers.  <Yakov Smirnoff>What a country!</Yakov Smirnoff>

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