Portuguese Virus

<Disclaimer>First of all, I have to say, (In Spanish, because I don’t speak Portuguese)  — me encantan Los Portugueses!!! </Disclaimer> 

This blog entry almost caused me to disrupt an entire breakout session at Tech-Ed this afternoon.

This tells the observer two things about me.

1.  I am sitting in a session that I should, instead, be listening to.
2.   I have no room for sarcasm or humor in my life.

While I’m wasting blog space, I’ve got the need to share another … I’ve filed this one in my “Capitalism Rocks” category.

4 thoughts on “Portuguese Virus”

  1. You should be ashamed of making fun of somebody’s god. How will you feel if I send you a naked picture of Mother Mary getting ass fucked?

    – Hindu

    Please delete this blog entry if you have any shame left.


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