Service Pack 1 for MS CMS 2002 has been released to the web, and is available for download.

This is a big service pack ….

  • Over 350 bug fixes
  • around 40 QFEs rolled up (and every QFE scrubbed)
  • Windows 2003 Server support
  • VS.NET 2003 support
  • ASP.NET 1.1 support

There are 4 parts to this Service Pack 1:

  • The documentation … read it, it will be your friend.
  • The Service Pack (for the server, site manager, etc)
  • The Service Pack for Authoring Connector
  • The Service Pack for Authoring Connector Language Pack

5 thoughts

  1. The IE Web Controls ship on the Product CD. There is a WebControls directory off of the root that contains iewebcontrols.msi. Install that.

    Let me know if you can’t find it.


  2. Hi Zhangyu,

    If you have the installation CD or files for MS CMS 2002, the Web Controls are located in the WebControls directory.
    I do not believe that are currently downloadable in any other location.
    There is an older version of these available in an old MSDN article, but you want to use the install file on the CMS 2002 software distribution.

    Best Regards,
    Owen Allen


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